Create School Reports using the power of AI


This is a very limited demo of the actual service. With a full account teachers can generate much longer and more complex reports

Write Reports

Add brief comments about each student and allow the AI to generate full flowing, perfectly formed reports in seconds!

Google Classroom

Save time by allowing our app to pull your students' names from Google Classroom enabling you to generate your reports in seconds!

Fair Pricing

Fair, pay as you go pricing, according to the complexity and size of your reports. Add credits when you need to with unused credits never expiring.

50 FREE Credits for signing up!

Free Credits

Sign up today and get using the system right now. We will give you 50 free credits just for signing up! Enough to generate a whole class set of reports.

Perfect Reports

Perfect reports everytime. The more input you give, the more tailored are the reports and always written in excellent English! No more reports being returned for corrections!

Export as docx / xlsx

Export your final class sets as Docx or Xlsx files which you can then upload to your school MIS, or copy and paste into wherever is required.